The P&ST Department at Totful Toys

Totful Toys has a unique process of bringing you the most advanced and totful of toys for the holidays and all year round. This awesome responsibility lies firmly on the shoulders of our PS&T department which is run by our "Agent D".

In a rare interview, Agent D allowed the reporters who wrote this story a glimpse inside the P&ST department and revealed some of its most sacred secrets:

Interviewer: So, Agent D. - what exactly is the P&ST Department and what does it do?

Interviewer: So, Agent D. - what exactly does "CBG" stand for?

Interviewer: So, Agent D. - I didn't quite understand that - could you put it in plain English??

Interviewer: Hmmm....Maybe a picture would help?

After this exchange, Agent D heard a loud noise and rushed off yelling something about the prototype not being fully tested. I didn't get the rest, but soon thereafter several ambulences came roaring into the compound and I was rushed out a side exit.