ThinkFast - Read Between the Lions

Read Between the Lions - Reading Skills Program for All Ages

This RBTL (Read Between the Lions) implementation (which will improve over time) is designed after the longstanding global program to help improve reading skills, speed, and comprehension in children and folks of all ages. It is based on extensive scientific research and is the first ThinkFast deployment. We welcome your feedback, and will soon provide pointers to the official deployment sites.

Magic Store:

Our Online Store will be available soon. We will offer magic tricks, games, computer dazzlements, and a variety of other similar items.

The Beat Hand - Card Trick:

The Beat Hand card trick is astonishing to everyone who sees it. You deal out poker hands to everyone at the table. You ask for the worst hand at the table to show their cards first and however bad it is, you barely beat the hand with yours. Then you ask for the worst hand that can beat your hand. And you beat it. Repeat till all of the hands are shown except the last one. Then, when they show their hand, you show a hand that can't beat any of the other hands. They will never know how you did it.


The Scintillating grid is a good example of a dazzlement that works well against human eyes when projected on computer screens. This is one of our favorite examples of an optical dazzlement because it appears to move when it is in fact quite stationary. It also scales very well.

We build custom dazzlements and deceptions that have the same kind of effects on human and computer cognitive systems as the scintillating grid has on your visual system.

Peddling Influence:

Influence is one of the things the world needs to understand, and Totful Toys knows just how to do it. Read our recent patent for Influence - the game - and Influence - the software product. Influence is available exclusively at totful toys.

Computer-Based Games and Simulations:

Our computer-based games range from simple interactive puzzles suitable for grade schoolers, to analytical and skills exercises suitable for a typical college student, to simulated environments that are rich enough to engage even the most astute analyst and strategic simulations designed to bring realism to well funded and highly skilled teams employing high levels of effort over extended time periods.